Secondary Oil Recovery

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Investing in Oil

Oil investments are some of the historically best investments with great return potential.
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Finance Partners

EP3Oil provides financial investments for secondary oil recovery with a 50/50 split
with the drillers for funding the wells.

Experienced Drilling Partners

EP3Oil has partnered with some of the most experienced oil drillers in the country
with years of oil discovery.


Unlock Major Tax Deductions

Here’s how you can turn tax season headaches into financial wins:
Immediate IDC Deductions

All those costs from drilling? Write them off immediately. This is a powerful way to reduce your taxable income right from the start. These expenses typically include everything from labor to site preparation, crucial for getting your wells operational.

TDC Depreciation

Spread out the cost of equipment for over 7 years easing your tax burden gradually and increasing your returns. This method allows you to account for the wear and tear on tangible equipment like wellheads and storage tanks, making your financial loads more manageable over time.

Depletion Allowance

As your wells produce, you get to deduct a percentage of the revenue, acknowledging the reducing value of the reserves. This not only helps mirror the actual decreasing quantity of oil or gas but also reduces the taxable income derived from your investment, boosting your net earnings.

About EP3 Oil

The EP3 Oil experience is modern investment program where you are able to make deposit and get the profit. EP3Oil provides Secondary Oil Recovery wells to investors to purchase through Limited Partnerships. The advantage of this approach is the direct ownership of the investment in the well.

We fund Secondary Oil Recovery with expert drillers and operators throughout the US.

Secondary Oil Recovery is the process of reopening sealed wells that have produced significantly in the past. Through Mud logs and open hole reports we can identify prosperous opportunities.

Funding is predominantly raised through Private Placement Offerings through Equity, direct ownership of the opportunities through limited partnerships and a combination of stock equity and returns on investment from the acquisition of new opportunities.

Ep3Oil enters into Joint Operational Agreements with quality Oilmen with strong projects in need of funding.

The main objective of EP3 Oil is to develop revenue opportunities from the recovery of oil and gas and use that revenues to generate significant subsequent revenues in various sectors of AI technology and energy fields.

These initial oil and gas opportunities are the key to generating additional income now and in the foreseeable future for EP3 Oil to prepare for short- and long-term profitability.

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